*****|Capture the Flag|*****

– 4 to 12 players – – in 2 equal teams –

I. Official Rules

a. Overview

    1. Players from each team attempt to find and retrieve the flag
    from the enemy's territory without being tagged by members of
    the opposing team.

    2. Tagged players must return to their side of the field
    immediately and wait the specified amount of time before
    returning to the enemy territory.

    3. A point is scored when one team possesses BOTH flags at that
    team's flag post.

b. Field of play

    1. The field of play shall be divided evenly so that each team
    possesses half of the area.

    2. Natural obstacles and shrubbery in the field of play make the
    game more interesting.

c. The flag

    1. The flag shall be an easily visible object suspended on a

    2. A player should be able to grab the flag from the stick while
    running by.

c. Setup

    1. Each team is given their flag and flag post at the center of
    the playing field.

    2. Each team has a specified amount of time during which to hide
    their flag.  This amount of time is determined by both teams at
    the start of the match, as it changes depending on the size of
    the playing field.

    3. See the rules for Flag Placement below.

    4. During the setup period, each team MUST remain on its own

d. The Game

    1. The game begins as soon as the specified time period for flag
    hiding is up.

    2. A player may be tagged by a member of the opposing team if
    the player is on the opposing team's side.  EXCEPTION: If the
    player has the enemy flag, then he may be tagged no matter which
    side he is on.

    3. If a player is tagged, he must return IMMEDIATELY to his own
    team's side, and wait for the specified amount of time (to be
    decided at the start of each game) before returning to the
    opposing team's side.

    4. While a player is waiting his time after being tagged, he MAY
    NOT tag anyone from the opposing team.

    5. Players defending their team's flag must remain outside of a
    2 yard (6 foot) radius from the flag.

    6. A player who has the enemy flag must hold it visibly in one
    hand (i.e. not hide it in his shirt).

e. Flag Handling

    1. When a player is carrying the flag, he MUST keep holding the
    flag until he either scores, gets tagged, or returns it to it's
    flag post.  EXCEPTIONS: The player may attempt to throw the flag
    to a teammate, but if it hits the ground it must be surrendered
    to its team.

    2. If a player with the enemy flag is tagged, he must surrender
    the flag to the enemy that tagged him, who must immediately
    return the flag to its flag post.


e. Scoring

    1. To score, a player must retrieve the enemy flag and bring it
    back to his team's flag without being tagged by an enemy team

    2. A point is only scored if BOTH flags are present at that
    team's flag post.